Pamphlet theme 2019/2020

BredaPhoto Festival shows the state of the art of contemporary photography on the basis of an internationally relevant social theme. This will also be the case for 2020. The theme will be announced early October 2019. In the meantime, the first lines are emerging for the theme of the 9th edition of the largest photo festival in the Benelux. The starting shot is given with a pamphlet.

Slowly the contours of a new order are appearing. Women now control the most powerful economic institutions in the world and play superheroes in Hollywood films. In the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas’ helper ‘Black Pete’ is not black anymore, and streets are no longer named only after ‘white men’. Novelists resolutely reject gender stereotyping, and pop singers call themselves ‘gender fluid’.

A new order

Change is a constant in history, but lately changes seem to be moving faster and appear more radical in nature. You could say that the socio-economic, political and cultural foundations laid down after the Second World War are crumbling? The way we work, travel, vote, communicate and consume is rapidly changing. Even our identities are in flux: what does it mean to be male or female, white or black, Western or non-Western in this day and age? These types of fundamental changes can cause uncertainty, fear even. But they also offer opportunities: for more equality, the freedom to be who you want to be, and a more sustainable way of using the resources on our planet. In the words of Aladdin, there are ‘new horizons to pursue’. So whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, we can all be a part of the outcome of these changes. And be honest: is it not exciting to witness the emergence of a new order?

Pamphlet 2019/2020

BredaPhoto wrote this pamphlet as a starting point for the BredaPhoto Festival 2020 theme. It is divided into four parts: politics, economics, society and culture. What do we at BredaPhoto think of when we talk about a ‘new order’? But BredaPhoto doesn’t know everything. Therefore, we’ll invite philosophers and economists, artists and politicians to respond to this pamphlet the upcoming months. People who can give us new insights and can sharpen, complement or change our way of thinking. What are stimulating topics for photographers within this theme? How can we get a broad public to think about a changing society? And are we overlooking developments in other parts of the world that shed new light on this theme?

Read this pamphlet as the starter to an in-depth discussion about the new theme of BredaPhoto Festival 2020. The final text and the title of the festival will be announced in Oktober 2019.