GodThe festival theme also has a divine association. For centuries, humanity has placed its destiny in the hands of a higher power. A supernatural entity that is worshiped as a superhuman being and is considered responsible for our existence and our reality. Some people believe to see the Divine in the nature on Earth, others believe in a God, or in an underworld. Some religions only recognize one God. Others know many.

Science has traditionally been at odds with religion because the divine is not empirically established. Or because its empirical determination just destroys the Divine. Adam and Eve as Homo sapiens? Or God as a (non-human) ‘intelligent designer’? And although science usually doesn’t involve questions of the existence of god(s), science itself has gradually become a religion for some. Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence have the potential to analyze and judge in a comprehensive way. Science as the new omniscient advisor? Anthony Levandowski – former Google and Uber engineer – founded ‘Way of the Future’ in 2015. An (AI) church that is based on the idea that people ultimately develop a technology that is so much better and smarter than our own minds, that we should therefore worship it as a God.

At BredaPhoto Festival photographer and videographer Geert van Kesteren presents a multimedia installation about the state of humanity in the 21st century. For this project, he traveled to the center of the Old World. Around the Temple Mount in the Holy Land an ancient God is still worshiped in three different forms, while a new prophecy of cold algorithms serves every desired form of self-awareness and meaning.


When hearing this title, a lot of people immediately think of the universe, our galaxy, robots and computers. But you can think of so much more. To explore the theme, we have defined 6 domains in which the work of the exhibiting photographers is (loosely) clustered. The domains are: