Stephen Gill

In the dead of night, the camera traps wild boar, rodents, deer and birds of prey. With his mysterious photos of a Swedish forest by night, the experimental photographer Stephen Gill (United Kingdom) shows us the way the world was before humans came, and the way it will be after we have gone.

Night Procession

In 2014 Stephen Gill (United Kingdom, 1971) moved from busy East-London to the tranquil Swedish town Österlen. He went for walks, rowed in his kayak: always looking for objects to photograph, like he used to do in the London neighbourhood Hackney.

In a forest near his house, he placed night vision cameras with motion sensors that show a world without humans. In grainy and grey shades we can discern wild boars, rodents, birds of prey and the legs of a deer. ‘The way the world was before we came, and the way it will be after we have gone’, as the Norwegian bestseller author Karl Ove Knausgård described in his introduction essay to Night Procession (2017).

With his experimental photography Stephen Gill is one of the most exciting British photographers of our time. For his street photography series Talking to Ants (2014) he placed objects, sand and even insects in his camera, creating exciting effects in the foreground of his photos. For Best Before End (2013) he dipped his film rolls in energy drink creating curious colour patterns. He even buried the photos for his book Buried (2006).