Sama Alshaibi

Warhead by photographer Sama Alshaibi, explores the sublime spectacle of the military machine. Omnipresent in modern times, weapons systems capture the attention of our imagination even though they are hidden or tucked away. Missiles decisively earn their sinister reputations. Documented into their depiction are the tragic accounts of the modern human experience.

Messages of death

Encountering the mass of missiles, or their sleek and confident design triggers differing feelings of awe and disgust. These are the machines that have delivered messages of death, of who makes the rules, of how future alignments will hold. These images depict the weightlessness and the weightiness of both the physical and psychological aspects of the missiles. The burdens of their capabilities are the very reasons certain nations sleep without much worry for their own personal safety. A zero-sum omen set in a sky-scape, Warhead undermines the illusionary comfort sequestered in carbon fiber and alchemy.

About Sama Alshaibi

Sama Alshaibi (Palestine/Iraq) multi-media artworks disinters negotiations in spaces of conflict: the causation and aftermath of war and exile, the clashes between nation and citizenry, the vexatious dynamics of humans competing for land, resources and power, and finally, one’s own internal struggle with mental entrapment through self-policing emotions such as fear.

Alshaibi has had over ten international solo exhibitions and her artworks are widely exhibited in prominent international biennials, film festivals, museums/institutions, galleries and fairs. Her work ‘Warhead’ will be exhibited at the 8th edition of BredaPhoto Festival.