Quentin Lacombe

Alienating images against dark backgrounds, sometimes slid on top of each other. There are no humans; only animals, plants and buildings in a world that looks like ours, but is different somehow.

Event Horizon

Quentin Lacombe (France, 1990) describes the depicted as a ‘personal cosmology’. Here, everything is equal: everything is mass, particles in an endless universe. In his book Event Horizon (2016) Lacombe artistically interprets an almost incomprehensible astronomic phenomenon: the black hole. Gravity is so strong in a black hole that everything that comes near is trapped, swallowed hole and never let out. Time and space as we know it lose all meaning. The border of a black hole and everything outside it is called an event horizon.

Incomprehensible phenomenon

What happens inside them remains theoretical: no one ever saw an event horizon. Quentin Lacombe gives his own interpretation of this practically incomprehensible phenomenon. What does it even mean, when time and space lose meaning?