Philippe Braquenier

The Belgium photographer Philippe Braquenier (1985) is obsessed with the ways humanity preserves information. Not just libraries and data centers, but weird stuff too. Like the Reyers Bridge in Brussels that housed its blueprints inside the bridge's pillars.


Philippe Braquenier spent the past four years traveling around Europe and beyond shooting the photos in Palimpsest, the ongoing series he calls the work of a lifetime. He documented all the ways we store data: from the Swiss CERN institute to the index cards of the age-old Mundaneum museum. The infrastructure of places in which information is stored, like libraries and datacentra, are the centre of Braqueniers work.

About Braquenier

Braquenier got his degree at the HELB in Brussels. He had expositions in the Foto Museum Antwerp, The Royal Museum in Brussels and the Fine Arts and Aperture Foundation in New York. He was named Young Talent in 2016 en finalist in the Nikon Belgium competition. His work is published in Knack magazine and the Financieel Dagblad. Braquenier about his work: “The preservation of knowledge is the cornerstone of evolution. If you lose any kind of important information, you are doomed to try to recover it.”