Lola Keyezua

Lola Keyezua (Angola, 1988) has a mission. With her art she tries to change prejudices. About Africa, for example, about the subordination of women, and about how we view people with physical disabilities as inferior.

Commissioned for BredaPhoto

Especially for BredaPhoto Lola Keyezua made the series ‘Floating nightmares’, a dystopian future scenario in which African migrants are infected by human traffickers with a mysterious virus. They no longer feel pain, no emotions. The migrants can not resist, they become the unwilling victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. The romantic images contrast with the suffering that lies behind them.


Keyezua points out the large number of victims who are now migrating from Africa to Europe, and wonders what the migration policy will look like in the future. A politically charged topic. She offers us a future in which human trafficking is completely out of hand. You can add her work under the name Afrofuturism, she creates a vision for Africa, in which fact and fiction, past and present run together.

About Keyezua

Keyezua graduated from the art academy in The Hague. She lives and works in Luanda, the capital of Angola. The strength and weaknesses of the body are more often reflected in her work. Fortia (2017), for example, discussed our dealings with physical limitations. She made this series following the death of her father, a man who suffered from diabetes and with whom both legs were deposed. She previously worked on the freedom and power of the female body.