Judith Desmyttere

Dark and bare landscapes in former French and Belgian mining regions form the backdrop for Judith Desmyttere’s (Belgium) own universe. Her photos are produced artisanally and give a few hints of a fictional world. You fill in the rest.

When Was the Last Time We Were in Touch?

Judith Desmyttere (Belgium, 1994) takes time for her images. She makes her analogue wide-format photographs using plenty of artificial light and prints them on barite paper. She uses the bare and dark landscapes in old mining regions in Belgium and northern France as a backdrop for her own universe, a world in which she controls everything.

She says she is most comfortable with this slow and physical way of working. The projection of her images is also slow, almost uncomfortably so. She asks us, the viewers, to take the time to reflect on what we see. What kind of place is this, what are we looking at, and who is saying these lines? Desmyttere presents us with a few elements of a fictional world, but lets us fill in the gaps.

Desmyttere studies photography at the Luca School of Arts in Brussels. Her images often evoke feelings of peace and emptiness, sometimes alienation. She does not want to explain her images in too many words. She tries to show what we cannot grasp with language. It is up to you, the viewer, to draw your own conclusions.