Jos Jansen

Fundamental scientists are modern explorers, Jos Jansen realized during the creation of Universe. They are constantly exploring and understanding the world around them.

If you understand things, you can also influence them or change them to your hand, for example to cure illnesses or prevent genetic flaws. And to enter into that battle with death, scientists are investigating the human body, the laws of nature and the whole context in which we live. But what are the big riddles about which they break their heads? And what do scientific facts mean in a world of fake news and alternative facts?


We live in a time when virtually everything we do comes from science. Our car, smart phone and medicines would not exist without science. But it is also the time of fake news and alternative facts that make scientific research more than ever under pressure. Jos Jansen’s work questions the relationship between man, science, technology and nature. In his latest project ‘UNIVERSE – Facts in the post truth era’ he investigates fascinating research subjects in the ‘science domain’, such as black matter and new galaxies. But he also depicts genetic research, soft robotics and the power of artificial intelligence. Jansen observes and registers the passionate pursuit of seemingly useless knowledge. The kind of knowledge that often only leads to a breakthrough in the long term. Knowing to know. Being driven by pure curiosity. In this almost incomprehensible world, he builds a parallel, artistic universe with the help of his own image, found image and data visualizations. UNIVERSE is a project full of traces that refer to a world where science, fantasy and art meet.

Jos Jansen

Jos Jansen studied psychology and documentary photography and film. Although he always takes reality as a starting point, his work is personal and subjective. It bridges the gap between reality and fiction, documentary and visual art. The UNIVERSE project will be published in book form in 2018 with an essay by Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf. It is published by The Eriskay Connection. In the last six years, Jansen has published five photo books and had various exhibitions. Seeds was voted one of the best books of 2014 by de Volkskrant and Battlefields was nominated for the Prix du Livre 2016 at the Rencontres d’Arles photography festival in France.

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