Joris Verleg

Didn’t Joris Verleg (Netherlands) see those holiday snapshots of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco before? He started searching the internet and collected countless pictures of icons in various cities, and edited these into a video. A trip around the world, thanks to the internet.

Google Golden Gate

When his mother returned from a trip to San Francisco, she enthusiastically showed her holiday photos to her son, including snapshots of the Golden Gate Bridge. To his mum, it was a personal memory of a beautiful journey, for Joris Verleg (Netherlands, 1994) it was the start of a new project. Had he not seen countless of exactly the same images of this bridge before?

Using the Google reverse image search function, he looked for similar pictures of the bridge, taken by both amateurs and professionals. ‘You wonder why we keep taking these pictures when there are so many already’, he says. Yet, we travel around the world and we want to take home photographic proof that we have really seen these icons with our own eyes.

Verleg, film student at AKV | St. Joost in Breda, placed his collected photos of the red bridge, the Big Ben and other cities in succession and using a hyperlapse technique made films displaying 24 images per second. We see time passing by with the monuments in the foreground. We can travel thanks to the internet.