Jeroen Bocken

Manipulated images are almost indistinguishable from reality. Just look at the photos of young leaves that Jeroen Bocken made. Are these real or processed images?

Perfect images? 

With the help of new computer techniques, lifelike displays can be made in a rapid succession. ‘Physical laws are converted into playable parameters,’ Bocken says. He combines digital editing with natural patterns to present ‘perfect’ photographs. In this way we visualise an ideal world, based on theories and techniques devised by people. But does technology really contribute to perfection? ‘Our new digital world has also become more abstract and distant,’ says Bocken.

Celebrated Remedy for the Cure of Disorder

Bocken investigates the influence and possibilities of the digital age. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2017. His series Celebrated Remedy for the Cure of Disorder was second in the Fujifilm / Young Talent Award 2017. For BredaPhoto he made a special selection of his work.