Guilherme Gerais

Mr. Chao is a researcher from the future, who studies the current relationship between nature and technology. He compares old and new technologies. Guilherme Gerais (Brazil) uses this imaginary researcher to look into the future. We’re not at the mercy of the future, he says. We can shape it ourselves.

The Best of Mr. Chao

Mr. Chao is an imaginary researcher from the future, he studies the relationship between nature and technology, and looks back at our past inventions. He researches natural and artificial life, old and new technologies. Even though we do not know from what era these objects are, we do get an impression of how we have looked at technology and our future over time. It also shows us how nature has been a continuous source of inspiration for our inventions.

Guilherme Gerais (Brazil, 1987) drew inspiration for The Best of Mr. Chao from the British philosopher Timothy Morton. Morton says we have to look at life on Earth differently. The current distinction between humans and nature is a hindrance. All beings, human or non-human, are equal and connected to each other.

With his project, Gerais shows that we are not at the mercy of the future, but that we shape it ourselves. He photographed robots, insects and fungi in Belgian laboratories and universities. He also built and photographed his own visions of the future. Gerais studies photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.