Daria Koreneva

Mysterious rocks and landscapes: is it the Moon, Mars or Jupiter? Perhaps a planet that is still unknown to us? With found materials Daria Koreneva (Russia) constructed photographs that could have been taken in another solar system. She takes us on an imaginary journey to a mysterious, unknown world.

Dim Surface Echoes

Are these pictures of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter or maybe a planet that is still unknown to us? If you let your imagination run wild, you could easily accept that Daria Koreneva (Russia, 1991) took her photos in another solar system.

In reality she constructed the images herself, with found photo negatives, paper damaged by sunlight or water, used glass or wood plates. She combined these materials with photos she took of rocks and other landscapes. Her images of unknown surfaces stimulate our fantasy: ‘Where is this? And how can I get there?’ It is, in her own words, ‘an echo of an extraterrestrial place that might one day be discovered’.

She found inspiration in the book Beyond Earth by science writer Charles Wohlforth and planetary scientist Amanda Hendrix. These scientists expand on current trends and describe how the earth decays. They advise not to go to Mars, but to Titan, a moon of the planet Jupiter. Koreneva, student at the Luca School of Arts in Brussels, took a similar approach by sketching an unknown future with materials from the present.