Alba Zari

Like a forensic investigator, Alba Zari (Thailand) looked for clues about her real father. She had found out that the man she considered to be her father, wasn’t her real father. She used 3D-techniques to design an avatar of what her real father could look like.

The Y

In 2013 Alba Zari (Thailand, 1987) discovered that her father Weerachart was not her biological father. But he was the biological father of her brother. She knew little about her real father, only that his first name is Massad and that he worked for Emirates airlines. He is probably from Iraq or Iran. In July 1986 he stayed at the Continental Hotel in Bangkok where he met her mother and in April 1987 Zari was born. That is all she used to know about her origins.

It was not enough for Zari. Like a forensic investigator, she methodically researched the family archive, looking for photos and other clues, including the DNA-test of the man she had long thought to be her father. With the computer program Make Human, which uses the technique ‘morph target animation’ to create lifelike 3D-figures, she designed an avatar of her biological father. Is it possible she has Massad’s nose, or his eyes, mouth, or skin colour?

She named her project The Y (2017), after the male Y-chromosome. On her Tumblr-page she wrote: ‘If you have information about my father’s identity, please send me an e-mail.’