Bubbl | The pit in front of BredaBotanique | Tue-Sun 10:00 – 17:00

The team that presented the YOURT in 2016 is back with the Bubbl this year. In this special inflatable exhibition space the visitor goes on a journey in space and he can play with infinity, (in) sharpness and sharpness depth. There is no identifiable inside or outside. Everything gradually converges. Where do your eyes linger and how do you connect to the space? What is the focus point of your gaze? Watch the Bubbl invitation here.

Photo Do Square | Chasse plein Sat – Sun 10:00 – 17:00

In cooperation with collodium photographer Peter van Hal, a ‘Foto Doe Plein’ will be set up during the weekends on which experiments can be done with various photography techniques. With digital photography and Photoshop, but also with techniques such as collodium photography; a fascinating and delicate process in which chemistry plays a central role. At BredaPhoto Festival, Peter van Hal will be happy to tell you more about this 150-year-old technique and he will put you on the sensitive chemical plate in a true collodium portrait. The costs for this are € 55, -. You can alone; but also with your best friend or pet partner in the picture.

I AM NOT A ROBOT | BredaBotanique | Tue – Sun 10:00 – 17:00

During the festival, news is collected every week about a current theme from the city of Breda. In the Newsroom the traces of this are collected and made visible. This creates a story every week that journalists, designers and citizens work on together. A story that can be followed via BredaVandaag and via the Zorg Voor Elkaar Breda network. This project is a collaboration with the Academie voor Beeldvorming. View the result of this project in the Dutch publication here.

(Un) customized | BredaBotanique | Fri-Sun 10:00 – 17:00

The pursuit of a more and more perfect body and appearance is within reach for more people. Cosmetic procedures are not only more affordable, but also more generally accepted, perhaps even glorified. It seams to be that the beauty ideal is the opposite of the natural course of decay or growth. It is possible that we will no longer be able to distinguish individual, physical characteristics in the foreseeable future. For that reason, artist Annemarieke van Peppen, together with the visitors of this festival, wants to create an archive of the unaffected human, while it’s still possible. (Un)customized.

No-Tech concerts | Breda Botanique | every Saturday 16:00 – 17:00

No-Tech_DockZuid-posterSEP-A6As a counterpart to all the technology around the theme, DockZuid, a platform for musical makers in Brabant, organizes in collaboration with BredaPhoto a series of No-Tech concerts. Intimate, acoustic concerts on Saturday afternoon during the festival will be held at Breda Botanique at Parade 12. The following following artists will perform:
September 5: Diamanda la Berge Dramm
September 15: James Oesi
September 22: Oleg Fateev
September 29: Mattanja Joy Bradley
October 6: Paul van Kemenade
October 13: Han Bennink


Feast for the Spirit |Breda Botanique | Tuesday, October 2 | 19:30 – 22:00

What is happening to people in this increasingly technological world? How do we stay ‘human’? These questions are central to the Feast for the Spirit. With three very different speakers who each from a different perspective will shed their light on ‘human & technology’.
And of course there is also music, for a truly festive feeling! Is collaboration with Doc Zuid solo guitarist Dax Andreas will listen to the evening. Melodies, chords and percussion can be heard simultaneously, all from one acoustic guitar. A virtuoso setting of three interesting speakers:

  • Martijntje Smits is a philosopher, engineer and innovation thinker. She knows everything about the robot society and the ‘perfect man’.
  • Sander Duivestein is trend watcher. He will speak about the impact of technology on people, companies and our society. Technology is not good or bad but also not neutral!
  • Bruno van den Elshout is an artist and entrepreneur. He will speak about the 144 working days he has in 2018 with 144 people walking along the beach to experience 144 essential encounters.