Locations & exhibitions

BotaniqueBreda Botanique (former Breda’s Museum) | Parade 12 | Tue-Sun 10:00 -17:00
The former Breda’s Museum shines once more in its full glory. After BredaPhoto, the museum will have a new function with apartments and a real botanical garden; hence the new name. In Breda Botanique you will find a multitude of photographers, but also the bookstore run by PhotoQ and the festival souvenir shop. And bar/restaurant RAVANELLO is serving delicious lunches and refreshing drinks. In Breda Botanique work is shown from: Sjoerd Knibbeler, Robert Pufleb & Nadine Schlieper, DSTART, Mathieu Asselin, Sheng-Wen Lo, Jan Dirk van der Burg, Yoshikatzu Fujii, Minghui Zheng, Sara Peter & Tobias, Jos Jansen, Lennert Deprettere, Stephen Gill, Hiroyuki Masuyama, Sybren Vanoverberghe and Jonas van der Haegen. And the participatioprojects (Un)customized by Annmarieke van peppen and IM NOT A ROBOT together with Academie voor Beeldvorming.


The Infinity PathThe Infinity Path | Chassé parking deck | Tue-Sun 10:00 -17:00 (free acces)
The Chassé Promenade gets this festival edition a striking makeover with The Infinity Path. A temporary open-air photo museum and landmark for Breda designed by architects MVRDV. The building reveals the special architecture of the square by following the patterns and the slope of the square. It is five hundred meters long and has height differences of up to six meters. The building offers space for an important part of the free outdoor exhibitions with work from Mandy Barker, Quentin Lacombe, Shadi Ghadirian, Laura El-Tantawy, Osborne Macharia, Joana Choumali and Johanna Adojaan.


De KoepelChassé Park | Multiple places | the entire week (free access)
In the outdoor area of the Chassé Park various free of charge accessible outdoor exhibitions can again be viewed this year. On exhibition is work of Peter Lipton, Daria Garnik, Nadia Bseiso, Murray Ballard, Philippe Braquenier and Daria Koreneva.


De KoepelDe Koepel | Nassausingel 26 | Tue-Sun 10:00 -17:00
In the Koepelgevangenis, one of the most striking buildings in Breda, an installation will be held during the festival in which the work of the Dutch photographer Geert van Kesteren plays the leading role. He highlights the relationship between man, science and God. The theme To Infinity and Beyond will immediately be recognizable and tangible in content, form and experience. This project was conceived in collaboration with production house ForHanna. Also work of Joris Deleersnyder is on exhibition. Futuredomevents provides the opportunity to ‘dine divine’ in the former Koepel-prison. For more information and to reserve for these Breda Photo Diners go to


Stedelijk Museum BredaStedelijk Museum Breda | Boschstraat 22 | Tue-Sun 10:00 -17:00
The number of images that we get over us every day is overwhelming. Digital photography and the smartphone have made it easier to take fantastic pictures very quickly. And with the help of photoshop we can ‘falsify’ reality, make it more beautiful or perfect or change completely. The photo as a proof of authenticity is up for discussion. In the exhibition Artificial Impressions in (partnership with) the Stedelijk Museum Breda the artist are not concerned with true-to-nature reality. Using new and old techniques they create their own reality. With work from Kenta Cobayashi, Maija Tammi, Antony Cairns, Sara Naim, Joris Verleg en Jeroen Bocken.


StadsgallerijStadsgalerij | Masterclass presentation | Oude Vest 34 | Tue-Sun 10:00 -17:00 (Sat. – Sun. with explanation) (free acces)
With the Masterclass Course, BredaPhoto wants to challenge advanced amateur photographers to take a big step forward. From the submitted portfolios, the festival chose thirty entrants who worked on the theme To Infinity and Beyond. They learned to think and photograph according to a concept and received feedback from the ‘masters’ Jan Rosseel, Bianca Sistermans and Mariska van Zutven. Ten of them were selected to present their work during the festival.


WillemstraatWillemstraat | Lawstreet | the entire week (free acces)
On the occasion of the opening of the new court in Breda, BredaPhoto and the LawstreetBreda Foundation present the exhibition ‘Recht in Beeld’. Photographers Ruben Vlijm and Carl Alexander give their vision on the future of Het Recht in this exhibition. Topics such as: Can a robot take over the duties of a judge? And how is it with our privacy? Will be explored.


Club SoloClub Solo | Kloosterlaan 138 | Tue-Sun 11:00 -17:00 (free acces)
Artists’ initiative Club Solo presents periodic solo exhibitions of Dutch and Belgian artists. The artist and his work are central. During BredaPhoto Festival, Club Solo shows work filmmaker Karel Doing.


Belcrum BeachSTEK & Belcrum Beach | Tue-Sun 10:00 -17:00 (free acces)
STEK and Belcrum Beach are the beating hearts of the festival in the industrial Belcrum area. From the dome you sail in half an hour to Belcrum Beach, where the exhibited photos go on in the sandy beach. Then walk on to STEK: a creative breeding ground for artists and creative entrepreneurs. In addition to the BredaPhoto exhibitions, you will find workshops, shops, studios and galleries. With work of Daesung Lee and Sama Al Shaibi.


PuijfelikPuijfelik & Backer & Rueb | factory halls | Speelhuislaan 173 | Tue-Sun 10:00 -17:00
Where the industry once fully thrived, are now only the abandoned carcasses of two huge Breda factory halls. The paper processor Van Puijfelik closed his doors after a glorious history. The company halls of the former machine factory Backer and Rueb were also closed and dismantled. Before residences will be resurrected, the imposing halls are the backdrop to a number of large photo exhibitions from Daniel Szalai, Tina Farifteh, Max Aguilera Hellweg, Christoph Krause & Cyrano Bentlage, Guilherme Gerais, KeyezuaMasamichi Kagaya and Bertrand Cavalier.


Klavers JansenKlavers Jansen | Belcrumweg 60 | Tue-Sun 10:00 -17:00
The 1.2-hectare site of Klavers Jansen provides space for many Breda creative businesses. The industrial image sharpens the creativity of theater makers, dance companies, stage builders and creative production companies. The BredaPhoto office is also located here. Klavers Jansen – once a canning warehouse – is also taking on a number of photo exhibitions this year. Exhibitions are by David Fathi, Alba Zari, Patrick Pollmeier and Judith Desmyttere.


ElectronElectron/MotMot | Belcrumweg 19 | Tue-Sun 10:00 -17:00
The former electronics and control cabinets factory ‘Electron’ is a building for image makers and is home to the public. There are more than 60 professional artists and designers. There is a makers hall, several event rooms, a gallery bar and during BredaPhoto also a solo exhibition of Kenji Chiga.


Witte RookWitte Rook | Liniestraat 111 | every sat 10:00-17:00  (free access) | 19 – 21 October final presentation (free access)
The International Talent Program is a collaboration between BredaPhoto and art academies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Czech Republic. Graduate students from these academies take part in the Artist in Residence Witte Rook. They work on new creations in light of the festival theme during the festival. Every Saturday his open house will keep interested audiences. The last festival week their work is exhibited there.