Eighth edition BredaPhoto Festival great success

58 photographers from 25 countries | 2,044 photos | 15 locations | 5 star rating | 1 city

Favorable reactions from visitors and media

The reactions of visitors and media to the program were favorable. Newspaper Trouw headed for the Jos Jansen series at the festival: “Incomprehensibly beautiful: science in the picture”. De Volkskrant judged the festival with five stars: “The quality of their work is almost without exception great” and called it “… a grandiose festival”. Newspaper AD called the work of the photographers “a sample map of the current photography world” and BN DeStem headlined “BredaPhoto gives food for thought”.

Highlights of 2018

One of the highlights was the video installation The Believers by Geert van Kesteren in the former Koepel-prison which attracted more than 13,000 visitors. Another highlight according to visitors was the exhibition in the former Backer & Rueb factories in the Belcrum where, among other things, work by the African photographer Keyezua was shown. Eye-catcher at the Chassé Park this year was the open air museum The Infinity Path designed by architects MVRDV. On that location the most photographed and on social media published photo was situated: the image made by Osborne Macharia of the Nigerian animal whisperer of the Hausa tribe in brightly colored tailor-made suit with his monkey as a companion.

Full media attention

The festival had a spectacular opening this year in a crowded large hall of the Chassé Theater. In addition to performances, the photographer laureate ‘Jan Dirk van der Burg’ was also announced during the opening and that same evening was on television in EenVandaag. Furthermore, there was plenty of attention and PR for the BredaPhoto Festival to stimulate people to visit the festival. With a special broadcast of Kunstuur, presence on radio and television, in national and regional newspapers and magazines and on social media and the web. The BredaPhoto Festival website was visited more than 130,000 times. The number of Facebook and Instagram followers doubled to 12,000 and 5,000 followers, respectively. The online Google Maps was viewed more than 70,000 times.

BredaPhoto Festival edition 2020

The next edition of BredaPhoto Festival will take place from 9 September to 25 October 2020. The organization is working towards the further internationalization and rejuvenation of the festival with more foreign visitors and young people. Attention will also be paid to further professionalisation of the festival organisation. Focus continues to be on local connections with a diversity of participation projects. Also for 2020, BredaPhoto has the ambition to show the State of the Art in photography as a major public festival.