Ed Kashi

The Enigma Room

The Enigma Room - Ed KashiThe compelling projection of the American documentary photographer Ed Kashi takes the viewer into his archive: stories from over the whole world from the past forty years. Using specially coded software, photography, video and sound are forged into a whole: an experiment with perception and reality. With this project, Kashi, who has always been at the forefront of new technologies, wants to explore the possibilities of programming language as a creative instrument and as a visual language. The result is a video installation on three screens through which the viewer undergoes an experience and – through the digital narration – looks at reality in a different way.

Ed Kashi(1957)

American photojournalist Ed Kashi uses photography, social media and film to tell relevant and urgent stories about social and geopolitical issues worldwide. He has been a member of the prestigious photo agency VII since 2010 and he already has nine books to his name. Kashi works on commission and makes personal projects that always focus on the aesthetics of the image and a sincere relationship with the people and his subjects. He consciously explores the boundaries of photography and, in addition to films and rapportages, has now created The Enigma Room, a stiking multimedia presentation using specially coded software, and which is exhibted at BredaPhoto.

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