Webinar – 3 – Designing posthuman experiences

Webinar - 3 - Designing posthuman experiences
Wednesday September 30, 2020

The webinars on the Wednesdays are part of the International Talent Program from BredaPhoto 2020 and for everyone to participate.
The International Talent Program includes the Academy Project in which 10 Art Academies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Finland participate. Each Academy presents itself with a video during one of the webinars.  In addition, there is the Support Program. For this program there is a shortlist of 9 candidates, of which 3 will be chosen on the 24th of October. During each webinar 2 pitches of the candidates will be shown.

Moderator: Wander Eikelboom

Experience Designer & Alumnus CMD: Ludo Poot

Artist, designer, independent film and theatre maker and art director of interdisciplinary design studio Polymorf: Marcel van Brakel

Tomorrow’s world is one in which man will have to give up his position as a dominant species if the world is to continue to exist. But what does this new world – the Post-Antropoocene – look like? What kind of new relationships should we enter into with non-human actors – animal, vegetable, geological, technological? In what ways do we live together? How do we communicate? What role does technology play and what happens to the human body?

Art director Marcel van Brakel of interdisciplinary design studio Polymorf, believes that we will merge with everything that is organic and non-organic and in that process new bodies and senses will evolve. Inspired by Donna Haraway’s book ‘Staying with the Trouble’, he and a team of designers design the installation Symbiosis in which the visitor physically experiences what it’s like to form new relationships of kinship through VR, soft-robotics, smell and taste.

In his installations CMD cum laude alumnus Ludo Poot investigates how the post-human sensory body can use technology to enhance its senses and thus create a deeply felt connection with its environment. For his graduation project Lucio Ludo designed a physical space as an extension of our emotionality.