The Artist Talkshow – 5 The Art of Politics

The Artist Talk Show -  The Art of Politics
Sunday, October 11, 2020


The Artist Talk Show is a weekly talk show in which photographers, scientists, journalists and other guests discuss the theme of BredaPhoto 2020: ‘the best of times, the worst of times’. Each week, one topic will be discussed, using the work of photographers who exhibit at BredaPhoto 2020.

Todd R. Darling

Rob Hornstra

Michal Iwanowski’s

Ed Kashi

Jonathan Groubert

In this fifth volume of The Artist Talk Show, the work of four photographers is reviewed, asking the question how photographers can visualize the way politics affects the life of normal people.

The moderator today is Jonathan Groubert, award-winning international journalist, trainer and one of Europe’s first podcasters. These days he makes branded podcasts for the likes of BNR Nieuwsradio and KLM. He teaches  journalism at the Radio Netherlands Training Centre and at the University of Groningen. Jonathan is an award-winning journalist and former host of the internationally lauded public radio show “The State We’re In” first from Radio Netherlands and then for WBEZ Chicago Public Media.

 The Hong Kong-based American photographer Todd R. Darling made the somewhat raw portraits of Hip Hop artists and activists in Hong Kong. He gave them an extra layer by the handwritten texts on the images. For this volume of The Artist Talk Show he added a third layer by interviewing the Hip Hop artists and activists in Hong Kong.

The Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra and writer Arnold van Bruggen embarked on their monumental and ten-year project on what they themselves call a portrait of modern Europe. In thematic stories, they depict the social, economic and political reality of the continent. During the production of the stories, multiple exhibitions and publications were released to involve the public in the project. In addition to smaller regional presentations with work created in that environment, there are larger thematic exhibitions. At BredaPhoto 2020, the thematic exhibition of The Europeans can be seen for the first time.

 Michal Iwanowski’s slightly absurd series ‘Polish go Home’ shows self-portraits and landscapes taken during a 105-day hike from Cardiff, Wales to Mokrzeszów in Poland. During the Brexit discussion in the UK, the photographer recalled a graffiti text that read ‘Go Home, Polish’ that he had seen in 2008 during the economic crisis, in Cardiff, his home town for seven years. The text made him think about the concept of ‘home’. It inspired him to undertake this journey: in the straightest possible line by foot from Wales to Poland. He crossed Wales, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic and discussed the concept of ‘home’ with the people that he encountered along the way. Interested people could follow his journey via Instagram and respond to his posts.

The compelling projection of the American documentary photographer Ed Kashi takes the viewer into his archive: stories from over the entire world from the past forty years. Using specially coded software, photography, video and sound are forged into a whole: an experiment with perception and reality. With this project, Kashi, who has always been at the forefront of new technologies, wants to explore the possibilities of programming language as a creative instrument and as a visual language. The result is a video installation on three screens through which the viewer undergoes an experience and – through the digital narration – looks at reality in a different way.