The Artist Talk Show – Environment, Economics and Art

The Artist Talk Show - Environment, Economics and Art
Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Artist Talk Show is a weekly talk show in which photographers, scientists, journalists and other guests discuss the theme of BredaPhoto 2020: ‘the best of times, the worst of times’. Each week, one topic will be discussed, using the work of photographers who exhibit at BredaPhoto 2020.

Bernice Notenboom

Barbara Debeuckelaere

Mateo Ancis

Moderator Bernice Notenboom (polar explorer), Barbara Debeuckelaere and Mateo Ancis talk about how photographers can tell the story of climate change and Environmental Footprints.

Barbara Debeuckelaere (°1969, BE) is a photographer, and a former radio and television journalist. In her work she concentrates on systemic thinking, capitalism, normalization, power, money. Her work is caught somewhere between documentary and conceptual as she formally visualizes an abstract idea, at the same time incorporating real events. People are at the core of her work and even if they do not appear in images, they are very present. Her work aims to visualise the invisible and is critical of the creeping normalization in the neoliberal realm of things. Next year she will normally finish her Master of Visual Arts, Photography at the KASK School of Arts Ghent (BE).

Mateo Ancis is a landscape photographer who focuses on making images during long walks by foot through inhospitable landscapes. Although he is not a climate activist, he cannot ignore the consequences of climate change.