The Europeans

Rob Hornstra

Exhibition and poster campaign: “The Europeans”

Photographer Rob Hornstra and writer Arnold van Bruggen started their monumental 10-year project in 2019 about what they call a portrait of modern Europe. In thematic stories they depict the social, economic and political reality of the continent. The first thematic exhibition of The Europeans is presented at BredaPhoto 2020. 13 portraits of very ordinary Europeans tell the story behind “The Europeans”.

Residents and entrepreneurs of Breda are part of “The Europeans”

Many residents and entrepreneurs of Breda had one of the 13 portraits hanging in their window. With this they share the stories and portraits of Europeans and participate in the project in order to enter into a dialogue with each other and with Europeans about Europe, the Europeans, about the lives and topics of conversation we share. All windows together form the story of ‘The Europeans’.

A QR code is included on each poster, bringing you the story behind the person on the poster.

Here you can click on the posters to get behind the scenes.


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