China Imagined – 7 video’s

China Imagined

BredaPhoto 2020 exhibition ‘China Imagined’ , curated by He Yining and Ruben Lundgren, gives an insight into contemporary Chinese photography. In China today, people enjoy the conveniences provided by science and technology for their personal lives. Intelligent payment, the share economy and artificial intelligence created a growing middle class and a booming economy. This new reality however, comes with problems such as surveillance and privacy disclosure. At the same time, behind the deterioration of the living environment lay the fruits of 30 years of tree planting and behind the lack of resources lies the exploration of clean energy. In times of strong polarisation it seems harder to accept that progress and backwardness sometimes coexist.

This series of Video’s is part of this exhibiton

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Pixi Liao

Experimental Relationship is a project is an ongoing project for over 10 years that grew from the relationship between the artist and her boyfriend.


Between-the-Mountains-and-RiversInspired by Alec Soth’s Sleeping by the Mississippi, photographer Zhang Kechun traveled three years documenting the effects of modernisation along Yangtze River


The series Girls started in 2008 as a very personal project. Luo Yang photographed girls and women around her (friends, acquaintances, sometimes strangers) attempting to grasp an understanding of their lives as well as her own. Although different, she felt that they shared the same contradicting emotions, confusions and concerns. It is in that connection that Luo found the strength and delicacy of her subject.


The Bliss of Conformity is a photography-based mixed-media series that combines elements of video, installation and artist’s book. It was a two-year project based on the matchmaking corner in The People’s Park, Shanghai.


Between 2015 and 2017 about 70 high tech entrepreneurs sensing the market potential of bicycle sharing rushed into the business. They raised a massive amount of investments able to put around 27 million bicycles in all major cities across China. Each shared bicycle brand used a distinct colour to differentiate its bicycles from competitors. Yellow, red, blue to start with, but soon all colours of the rainbow, yes, even golden bikes were spotted on every street-corner. The concept behind bicycle sharing and solving the idea of the “Last Mile” problem was widely welcomed.

Thomas Sauvin

An 84-year old father and grandfather discovers surprising fame in China Lost and Found after a forgotten holiday snapshot is rediscovered and exhibited by photo archivist Thomas Sauvin. Get the true story behind one image from Sauvin’s world-famous photo show, Beijing Silvermine. Part of HP’s “History of Memory” series, this documentary underscores the role printed pictures play in our own journeys of personal discovery.

Ren Hang

Ren Hang doesn’t have a lot to say about himself. In the fine art environment, where emphasizing one’s own importance (or having representation to do so, while you maintain the air of expensive mystery) is the norm, this resistance to pretense could be considered a form of madness. But this hasn’t stopped the twenty-seven-year-old photographer, who’s gained international recognition by aiming his camera up the skirt of Chinese culture, and deeper, into its heart.

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