Dick de Koning

King Of The Farmers

Dick de Koning - Koning van de BoerenDick de Koning is a cattle farmer who, together with others in the agricultural sector, wants to change the predominant image of the farmer. Many people, mainly from the urbanized western part of the Netherlands, see farmers as being animal-unfriendly and not very clean, although they have no idea of what things are really like in the sector. According to Dick, the agricultural sector in the Netherlands is the cleanest in Europe, and farmers are unjustly made the scapegoats for a variety of environmental problems. He is therefore now in consultation with others on how they can change this prevailing image.

His own farm plays a central in that new, alternative image. Together with photographer Gerard Nel, he wants to openly show the realities on his farm. For the Power to the Models project, he wants to make a presentation with fences and cut outs of farm animals, so that visitors really get the feeling of being in an agricultural environment. In addition, he is producing a video that gives more context about farm life and why people have formed the wrong image of it.