Dandelion Egosha

Is This A Woman?

Dandelion EgoshaWith collages consisting of analogue processed photography, acrylic paint and embroidery, the artist wants to draw attention in this project to the experiences of African LGBT people. With this she makes a clear distinction between their desire for sexuality and their identity as self-expression and political autonomy. She makes this distinction because sexuality and desire are often used to flatten the humanity of transgenders and non-binary people, to deny them freedom of choice, and to reject the way they choose to identify. Through this way of working she wants to reconfirm their humanity; they too must each time recompose their true identity.

Dandelion Egosha (1994)

Dandelion Egosha is a non-binary visual artist who works with various visual media and focuses on everyday life in marginalized identities of the Afro-LGBTQ +- community in particular. Egosha studied modern languages and has lived in Lagos, Nigeria since 2014. Egoshia’s first project was Unspoken Rudiments, the ‘Is this a woman’ shown in BredaPhoto is a follow-up project. Egosha’s work has been shown on various podia in Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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