BredaPhoto at ARTBREDA

BredaPhoto 2018 is in bloom. Already! The preparations are in full swing, the photographers are announced and various collaborations have started. One of these collaborations took place at ARTBREDA from 19 to 22 April. This inspiring exhibition for art, design and antiques attracts visitors from near and far. Famous art dealers and galleries from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany found their place for four days under the roof of the brand new Breepark in Breda.


Marjorie van Geenhuizen made the first contact with director Erik Hermida of ARTBREDA during BredaPhoto Festival 2016. Photography and art, it would be a great opportunity to have both of these under one roof and thus introduce BredaPhoto festival to the art public. And that happened. BredaPhoto was given a beautiful place in the corridor leading to the art fair. Not to be missed for visitors. BredaPhoto Festival 2018 was warmly and glowingly introduced to thousands of art lovers.

Collodion photography

A white, square column, a Persian rug and two Gispen chairs. That was the inviting stand of BredaPhoto. There was a large photograph of one of the exhibiting photographers on the right side of the column. On the left and in the front, there was work by Peter van Hal, collodion artist. He was present in the stand for a few days. Visitors to the art fair were given the opportunity to portray themselves and to experience the whole process in the dark room inside the column. Peter van Hal will also present the festival at the festival in September and October.

BredaPhoto BusinessCircle

On the first day of art, members of the BusinessCircle of BredaPhoto were guests at ARTBREDA. Entrepreneurs and companies in Breda will have the opportunity to connect with BredaPhoto. An excellent opportunity to invest creatively and financially in the young photographic talent that is so generously included in the row with top photographers every two years during the Breda Photo Festival.

The program that afternoon connected art, photography and the new event location Breepark in a festive way.

Photo by Marian Schutte