Books in Botanique: five authors tell about their photo book

On Saturday 20 October at 12.00, PhotoQ Bookshop organizes in cooperation with BredaPhoto a fun and informative talk show about recently published photo books. The following photographers tell about their photo book: Wendy Marijnissen (Belgium) about 'Always the Guest', Robert Pufleb (Germany) about 'Transformer', Jos Jansen (The Netherlands) about 'Universe', Thijs Wolzak (The Netherlands) about 'Human Interior' and Christian van der Kooy (Netherlands) about 'Anastasiia'.

From two photographers in the program, the work can be seen at BredaPhoto Festival: Universe by Jos Jansen and Transformer by Robert Pufleb.

Jos Jansen | Universe

Universe – of documentary photographer Jos Jansen – is the book closest to the theme of BredaPhoto: To Infinity and Beyond. It is a book full of references to a world in which science, fantasy and art meet. It is about unhindered pursuit of seemingly useless knowledge. About facts in an era of ‘alternative facts’ and long-term thinking in a time full of distractions, driven by curiosity, freedom and imagination.

Wendy Marijnissen | Always the guest

Always the guest of the internationally renowned photojournalist Wendy Marijnissen is a story about loss, motherhood, home, and finding your path and identity. What does it mean to belong to something? Why is it that a young Belgian woman feels more at home in a country like Pakistan, a place so different from where she comes from? In this personal book Wendy Marijnissen tries to answer some of these questions.

Robert Pufleb | Transformer

Last year, The New York Times revealed that the US Department of Defense had invested millions of dollars in secret UFO investigations for years. At that time, the photographer/artist Robert Pufleb had already included numerous mysterious flying saucers for his project Transformer (2015-2018). But do we really see the ships of alien visitors? Pufleb challenges the spectator to discover unexpected perceptions in his images of everyday objects. As such, he questions the claim of photography to objective truth, a valuable skill in times of fake news, he thinks.

Thijs Wolzak | Human Interior

For his column ‘Binnenkijken’ in the national newspaper NRC Handelsblad, Thijs Wolzak visited people with a special home every week for six years. The photos are bundled in the book Human Interior. He studied the interiors carefully, listened to the stories and figured out how he could capture all that in one image. Wolzak is far from the apparent world of the residential glossies. His interior photographs show the real world. They offer an intimate insight into the way in which people try to get a grip on the world and on their immediate environment. Every photo is an encounter. In his photographs, Wolzak transmits his amazement to the viewer, the basis for this book.

Christian van der Kooy | Anastasiia

Anastasiia by Christian van der Kooy is a declaration of love from a student from Kiev to her foreign lover and her homeland Ukraine. By parallel streams of documentary images, Skype screenshots and texts, a dialogue is reconstructed between Anastasiia and her lover, the photographer Christian van der Kooy. The poignant book covers a period of two years in which Ukraine was confronted with major changes.


The Talkshow on photo books in Breda Botanique is on Saturday, 20 October from 12.00 – 13.30. The address is Breda Botanique, Parade 12 in Breda.