Anthony Obayomi

Terms of Privacy

Anthony-Obayomi-Terms-of-Privacy-2020The privacy policies and agreements offered by big data companies are incomprehensible and comprehensive to the average Facebook or gmail user. The impermeability of these agreements plays a major role in the broad ignorance of the subject of what happens to our personal information once it is uploaded. No one would be willing to hire a lawyer to open a social media account. However, the big data companies’ policies and agreements, which include rules on privacy and anonymity that we must sign, are written, coded, and embedded in legal jargon designed by lawyers for lawyers. The Terms of Privacy series is a conceptual representation of the maze of these terms of use.

Anthony Obayomi (1994)

The visual artist Anthony Obayomi uses his mainly non-fiction projects to cultivate more understanding and tolerance between different peoples and communities. He studied Visual Arts at the University of Lagos, Nigeria and won several awards such as the LagosPhoto-National Geographic Prize in 2017 and the Taurus Prize for Visual Art in 2020. His work has been shown at festivals such as LagosPhoto, but also at the prestigious National Geographic Story Tellers Summit. Ayodele lives and works in Lagos.

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