Andrew Esiebo

From Second Hand In Lome To Second Life In Paris

Andrew Esiebo - Lome to ParisIn the hip Marché Noire store in Paris, the Togolese designer Amah Ayivi sells second-hand clothes that he himself bought at the second-hand market in Lomé, Togo. The clothing from this market, intended as aid, largely comes from clothing donations from Western Europe and the United States. However, much of this clothing rarely ends up with the intended end-user, but is used as a commodity in a multi-million dollar market. With the subversive trade of Ayivi, the photographer wants to show that circular solutions for over-consumption can go hand in hand with a new perspective on African entrepreneurship.

Andrew Esiebo (1978)

In his work, the Nigerian photographer Andrew Esiebo’s focuses primarily on the rapid changes in his home city of Lagos and on the cultural wealth of Nigeria. He works for international media and exhibits his work in museums and festivals across the world. He also uses his Instagram account to share his own vision of the African continent. With his stories about, for example, hairdressing shops in West Africa or the business model of Amah Ayivi, he wants to nuance and color the often stereotypical image of Africa in Western media.

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