Alexander Rossa


Alexander Rossa-TombThe Runit Dome is a location in the Marshall Islands where nuclear waste is stored. Under this thin, 115-meter-wide concrete dome lies nearly 85,000 cubic meters of plutonium-contaminated soil and debris dumped by the United States after more than a decade of testing thermonuclear weapons in the Pacific. The population of the islands, which until now has suffered a lot from the consequences, call it the ‘tomb’. It has only recently been discovered that the structure of the dome is deteriorating due to the rising water level. The Runit Dome houses a dark past, just a few meters above sea level.

Alexander Rossa (1986)

Alexander Rossa is an American artist and currently a postgraduate student of photography at The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He draws his inspiration from abstract subjects, such as the different ways in which people perceive time and space. He mainly works in a hybrid form of collage, photography, and painting. In all his work he wants to create images that make the viewer feel as if they are immersed in a kind of archaeological mission to find the truth and meaning of our current visual culture. His work has been shown in solo exhibitions in the United States, and he has participated in various group exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Germany and Israel.

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