Adreinne Waheed

Black Joy & Resistance

Adreinne Waheed, Black Joy and ResistanceThe exuberant photos of the American photographer Adreinne Waheed show the joy of life, the enthusiasm and strength of black people worldwide. With her project that she worked on for years, she wants to nuance the often stereotypical image of black and brown people in the media. Often, they are portrayed only as victim or perpetrators. Waheed shows the celebrations, the pleasure. In addition, she has also photographed protest demonstrations. The strength of her work lies partly in this combination. She shows that fun and resistance almost always come together: at demonstrations, people sing and dance. At festive gatherings, the serious undertone is never far away.

Adreinne Waheed (1972)

The American Adreinne Waheed has photographed her environment since she was 13 years of age. Her work has been published in publications such as The New York Times and The Fader. She is above all a collector of images; both of images that she took herself and images from archives. Her Waheed Photo Archive is a collection of archived images of African Americans from the American Civil War to the present day. She wants to nuance and broaden the stereotypical image of black people in the media, and emphasize the positive aspect of the black body and culture. Waheed is active as a photographer and image editor and she lives alternately in New York and Berkeley, California.

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