A great place to work!

You'll encounter them at various spots at BredaPhoto Festival. The second-year Tourism students of De Rooi Pans who are helping out on weekdays. A collaboration that BredaPhoto has entered into, to offer the students the chance to work for a day in a big festival.

It is best to begin when you are still young! Developing an interest in art and culture. And getting to know the city of Breda. Or even better: combine the two: working with art in your own study city. That does something for the city, for the photo festival and, most importantly, for the students themselves!

Rachel and Julia work in the Stadsgalerij, where the work of the Masterclass participants is exhibited. “We are welcoming visitors and occasionally grab some information material from BredaPhoto to get to know more about the festival.  It is nice to see how many different people are walking around here and are looking for the next place to view photos. We are also planning to go and have a better look  and visit the festival on our own. ”

Esmai and Celine can be found at the BredaPhoto Shop. A wonderful place to be! Here working for a festival is perhaps the most challenging and you get the best festival experience: between photos and books, BredaPhoto gifts and many festival visitors!