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Atlas Residency

BredaPhoto organizes an artist in residence programme in cooperation with the Atlas Initiatief.

Under the motto BredaPhoto Pictures the Future, 7 art academy students from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are challenged to make a gesamtkunstwerk. On a Polish fishing boat, they explore the boundaries of cooperation and individualism, using art and photography as a medium.

Chantal van Rijt (KASK Gent, Belgium)
Jenny Bewer (FH Bielefeldt, Germany)
Vivian Bax (KABK, Den Haag)
Heleen Seys (Sint Lukas Brussel, Belgium)
Jeroen Bocken (KASK Antwerpen, Belgium)
Jesse Huiskamp (AKV|St.Joost, Breda)
Mathijs van der Burgt (LUCA Arts campus Narafi, Belgium)

Open studio

On Saturday 8 and 15 October, the boat is open to visitors from 14:00-17:00h.

Grand Opening

The end result is presented during the Grand Opening on 22 October, 19:00h.