photo festival

Songs From the Heart
11 sep - 26 okt 2014

Bradley L. Garrett

They climb towers, creep through narrow passages and explore deserted buildings. They are curious, want to get to know their city and take pictures of places where most people will probably never come. They are called urban explorers. Bradley L. Garrett (United States, 1981) became one of them and rediscovered, hidden inside himself, a rebellious curiosity—a curiosity that, according to him, has hardly any place in a society focusing on efficiency and productivity. “Exploration is not just a process of learning something new”, he says, “it is rediscovering what you lost“. The images made during his discoveries he presents at BredaPhoto under the name Emotion Dump.
Garrett grew up in Southern California. After studying anthropology and history, he wrote his PhD thesis on urban exploration at the University of London. For this, he became part of the British community of urban explorers—consisting of some two thousand members. Garrett describes them as active citizens who want to understand the inner workings of a city. Garrett: “When I flush my toilet I want to know where it goes, so why wouldn’t I go down into the sewer?”